Ravi Boricha



I am a cricket player and playing for Bhavnagar district and have also done SCA U16 camp.


  • I am a cricketer and playing for Bhavnagar district. My role is of a fast bowler. 
  • I have also been the captain of my school team and few of the club matches.
  • I have done camps for SCA U16 and national camp for Gujarat U14 and Gujarat U17.  
  • I play at Bharucha Cricket Club in Bhavnagar which organises around 5-6 matches per month.
  • Around 20-50 spectators come to watch the match.
  • By sponsoring me you can extend your territory to my city, which does have number of sports lovers.
  • Also my teammates will be interested in buying the products which you are willing to sponser.
  • Also, I assure the marketing of the product on my behalf

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