Become a Sponsoo Agent

Become your own boss!

As a Sponsoo Agent (m/f) you are your own boss. You decide when, where and how much you want to work and earn money based on your success when you sell a sponsorship. You are maximally flexible, can work full-time or part-time, as a main or secondary occupation, from home, from on the road, from the beach...

If you achieve good results, you can earn so much money; and if not, there is no one to pressure you. Why should you - after all, you are your own boss!

How does it work?

As a Sponsoo-Agent it is your job to sell sponsorships. You do not receive a basic salary, but a commission for each sold sponsorship. The amount of the commission is based on your agent level: You start as a "Sponsoo-Agent-Applicant", rise very quickly to "Associate Sponsoo Agent" and can work your way up to "Executive Sponsoo Agent".

Depending on your level, you will receive up to 50% of our contribution margin per sponsorship. The contribution margin is the amount that remains with us after the athlete/club is paid out. Usually our contribution margin is 20%. This means that if you sell a 10.000 Euro sponsorship, 8.000 Euro will go to the athlete or club and 2.000 Euro will be split between you and us. The distribution is done according to the following pattern:

Level Your Part
5 Executive Sponsoo Agent 50,0%
4 Senior Sponsoo Agent 50,0%
3 Sponsoo Agent 50,0%
2 Junior Sponsoo Agent 40,0%
1 Associate Sponsoo Agent 32,5%
0 Sponsoo Agent Applicant 25,0%

Billing is always at the end of the month. You are a self-employed entrepreneur and simply send us an invoice, which we pay after receipt of payment from the sponsor.

What agent levels are there?

You will advance internally if you meet the following conditions:

Level Conditions
5 Executive Sponsoo Agent ☑ Sell at least 50 sponsorships
☑ Sell sponsorships to at least 10 different customers
☑ Sell sponsorships with a total value of more than 150,000 euros
☑ Recruit at least 3 additional sponsoo agents
4 Senior Sponsoo Agent ☑ Sell at least 20 sponsorships
☑ Sell sponsorships to at least 5 different customers
☑ Sell sponsorships with a total value of more than 50,000 euros
3 Sponsoo Agent ☑ Sell at least 5 sponsorships
☑ Sell sponsorships with a total value of more than 10,000 euros
2 Junior Sponsoo Agent ☑ Sell at least 2 sponsorships
☑ Sell sponsorships with a total value of more than 2,500 euros
1 Associate Sponsoo Agent ☑ Sell at least 1 sponsorship
☑ Sell sponsorships with a total value of more than 100 Euro
0 Sponsoo Agent Applicant ☑ Convince us with your application

The higher you advance in the level, the higher quality sponsorship rights you can sell and the bigger the customers you can serve. As an Associate Sponsoo Agent, you focus more on small, local clubs or on amateur athletes and small influencers. Your target customers are start-ups or smaller companies, such as the "baker next door". At the highest level you can also look after international brands such as BMW or Microsoft and sell sponsorships up to the Bundesliga.

How is Sponsoo helping me?

We provide you with extensive training and sales materials, give you your own Sponsoo email address and give you access to our #sponsoo_agents Slack Channel, where you can interact with our team and other Sponsoo agents. Furthermore, our system helps you to book the sponsorships - and of course provides you with the huge portfolio of athletes and clubs you can sell sponsorships for.

Depending on your level, you will also receive other Sponsoo materials such as your own business cards, laptop stickers, Sponsoo clothing and at the senior and executive level an invitation to our annual Sponsoo Sales weekend.

Can I manage my own agent team?

Do you enjoy being a Sponsoo agent so much that you would like to convince others to do the same? Gladly, we are looking forward to it! The best thing is: As soon as you reach the "Junior Sponsoo Agent" level, you will even earn money on the contribution margins of the agents you have recruited. As a Senior and Executive Agent, it even goes one step further: When "your" agents recruit a new agent, you even get a share of their contribution margins.

Level DB Participation Level 1 DB Participation Level 2
5 Executive Sponsoo Agent/in


4 Senior Sponsoo Agent/in 4% 1%
3 Sponsoo Agent/in 3% -
2 Junior Sponsoo Agent/in 2% -
1 Associate Sponsoo Agent/in - -
0 Sponsoo Agenten Bewerber/in - -

DB participation level 1: Participation in the contribution margin of the agents you have recruited
DB participation level 2: Participation in the contribution margin of agents recruited by "your" agents.
Example: You are "Executive Sponsoo Agent". You have recruited Claudia as an agent who makes 15,000 Euros in sales this month and thus achieves a contribution margin of 3,000 Euros. Claudia has recruited Moritz, who has a turnover of 5,000 Euros and thus achieves a contribution margin of 1,000 Euros. In addition to your own earnings, you will receive 5% of the contribution margin generated by Claudia (i.e. 150 Euro) and 2% of Moritz's contribution margin (i.e. 20 Euro). So you will receive 170 Euro additionally without having to do anything this month. This "passive income" gives you maximum independence.

What are Sponsoo's goals with the agent program?

Our most important concern is to help athletes and clubs. The more helpers we win for this mission, the more successful we are. We are constantly receiving requests from people who want to help us part-time and have created the Sponsoo Agent Program for this purpose. The backgrounds of these people are extremely diverse - from students to housewives to pensioners who have been running a sponsoring agency for many years.

With our program, we also want to consciously distinguish ourselves from other so-called multi-level marketing systems, where wealth is promised more quickly and the main goal is to sell bad products, recruit other sellers and sell them expensive "starter packages". Becoming a Sponsoo Agent is free of charge. The only thing you need to bring along is diligence, enthusiasm for sports and a certain sales talent. Sponsoo agents also do not sell overpriced insurance or ineffective nutritional supplements, but exciting sports sponsorships. Most of the sales proceeds do not go into the pockets of a large international corporation, but go to athletes and clubs that depend on these revenues.

Can I as a club, association or sports event benefit from the Sponsoo Agent Program?

As a club, association or sports event, you can inspire your fans and members to become a Sponsoo-Agent and (especially in the beginning) focus on selling your sponsorships. This way you can "multiply" your own sales activities and create your own crowd of enthusiastic salespeople at no cost to yourself. For you, the management of your agent crowd does not require any effort on your part: Sponsoo takes over the complete management of the agents and the acquired sponsors.

How can I apply?

Just send your resume and a short cover letter by e-mail to Contact person is Andreas Kitzing. We are looking forward to your application.